Reflections of the week 9/3/20

Card of the week: King of Cups

Prynhawn da gwrachod ❤ Today is my first post on this new blog (welp) and I just wanted to share some reflections on this week.

The world is a bit chaotic at the moment: the threat of the Covid-19 virus is spreading, everyone’s panic buying groceries, and it’s difficult to tell if this is really a global crisis or if the media have blown it completely out of proportion. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep grounded through these difficult times. I’ve bought in a lot of tinned and boxed groceries, not because I think there will be an apocalypse, but because it makes me feel just that little bit safer (in general) if I have a safety net of food & supplies.

Anyway, this week’s card was the King of Cups. I tend to pull a card every Sunday to arm me with the energy of that card for the following week, and oh my LORD did I need the grand ol’ King of Cups energy this week. I have been trying to recover emotional bonds that have frayed during this Mercury retrograde, and also have tried to be a diplomat with controlled emotions. This, to me, is what the King of Cups represents: to be an empath, yet maintain emotional stability and diplomacy.

How have you all felt this week? Has the King of Cups’ energy entered you at all?

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