Reflections of the week 30/03/2020

Dydd Sul da! (That was probably totally wrong apologies to any Welsh speaking people). Just here to write my usual weekly stream of consciousness/reflection on my card of the week.

This week, I got The Emperor – not once but twice, as in, I woke up that day and thought of The Emperor, and then I got it in the reading. Nice one.

What did The Emperor’s influence have on the last week?

Well, to start with, my mental health is on the up. The week before this I was manically depressed and low, probably to do with having to stay inside.

I felt that this card was universe’s way of telling me ‘you got this’. You can’t control everything, but you can control how you spend your time during this isolation.

I think we can probably all learn something from The Emperor in these uncertain times: you can control and be lord over yourself. Did you ever want to learn something in great detail? Now is the time to do it. Ever wanted to shave your head? You got this. The things you do in this time will directly affect your well being (as I learned last week, constant video games and junk food do not make for a happy me!).

The Emperor speaks to me as the light at the end of the tunnel. We must accept that we can’t control external forces but if we maintain confidence and discipline, we will look back on this time in a positive light.

Be your own Emperor. Be the morning sun after the stormy night. You have it in you, it just needs to be found.

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