April Meditation Chant

Hi everybody!

I did some H A R D C O R E meditating over the weekend (oh yeahhh) and an incantation came into my head.



I am honestly not sure what the words are, but they came so vividly into my head (spelling, sound and all) that I had to share it, in case it is valuable to someone else other than me! I repeated these two words over and over like a chant and I could feel the energy in my fingertips. Perfect for morning energy work, or when sipping some herbal tea.

The pronunciation is eh-sher-eth kh-I-yan (as in the Urdu pronunciation of ‘kh’, or the ‘ch’ in ‘Loch’).

I hope this has helped somebody, and I love to share things like this! Leave a comment if you have any other chants that you find helpful (let’s make a little bank of them!).

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Pagan, poet, artist, amateur philosopher. Open for bespoke incantations, email frankensynth@outlook.com for details - blessed be <3

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