Reflections of the week 27/4/2020

So it’s currently ten minutes past eleven pm….on Tuesday 5th May, and I’ve only just got around to writing this post which should have been written on Saturday! But the situation actually illustrates my point, so I feel like I have a bit of an excuse (tarot cards told me to procrastinate).

So this (last) week I got the Wheel of Fortune, and it set my mind reeling – wheeling, if you will, hehe – about the passage of time.

See the source image

If you overthink everything and worry a lot like me, 2020 seems to be a waste of time. We only have about 90 years on this earth, and half of this year has already gone and we’ve been stuck in a global pandemic.

What relevance does this have to the Wheel of Fortune? Well, the Wheel of Fortune, to me, represents the cyclical nature of life, and also makes me think of the Pagan wheel of the year – see below:

Time is going to pass us by, whether we are annoyed about it or not. We can make the most of this time by learning, introspection or simply just doing what we enjoy. This is actually quite a traumatic time for the world – even though it doesn’t really seem like that because it isn’t like that film Independence Day.

The Wheel also symbolises the concept of ‘what goes around. comes around,’ which brings me back to what I said in the first paragraph. Personally, I read this for my week as ‘if you put effort in, it will pay off in the end, or, in Wayne’s World terms:

The lesson that we can take from this card is that yes, this is a good time to work hard and you’ll eventually see the rewards – for example, me working on my qualifications and my day job and my languages every day – and now you have an opportunity to do things that you might not get again.

Time will pass us by, and this pandemic will pass us by, and what we choose to do with this time is our choice.

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