5 little witchy things that you can do anywhere

We’ve all been here: you want to do some big elaborate rituals, you want to manifest great things, but do you have time?

Absolutely not.

Disclaimer: I have been way busy and not doing this most of the time

With work, housework, errands, other things going on in life, it’s easy to think that you don’t have time for witchcraft – I was exactly the same before I started knowingly practising. It seems to be big elaborate rituals with fire and robes and chanting, right? Well, it was to me in the beginning (as an outsider looking in).

Here’s some quick and easy ways to practise your spellcraft anywhere!

1. Enchant your morning brew

Everyone has some kind of drink in the morning, right? For me it’s usually coffee, but this spell can be used on pretty much anything: tea, coffee, cordial, gin and tonic, vodka martini…..

Here’s how easy it is: make your brew as normal, and then when you stir it, stir it clockwise, and visualise the things you want to manifest being drawn to you by the direction of the drink. I normally sprinkle a bit of cinnamon into my coffee to accentuate the spell, but it’ll work regardless!

2. Charged crystals in your pocket

The great thing about teeny crystals or jewellery is that they’re super-portable. Try meditating on a crystal in the morning and imbue it with what you’d like to manifest, then you can keep it in your pocket and draw out that energy when you need it. I’d recommend clear or rose quartz for this, because they’re great at soaking up energy, but sometimes I’ll use my lovely teal fluorite. Why? Because it feels right.

3. Draw sigils on yourself/something you own

This sort of relates to my next point, but its a good’un. Refer to my Making Sigils page for guidance on coming up with a sigil, or use one of my pre-made ones. Then you can draw this wherever you like to manifest your goals. For example, if there is something I want to manifest that week, I will draw the sigil for it in the notes page of my diary, so then everything I write in there will be enchanted to help me. Another time, I had to deliver a presentation at work, so I drew a small sigil on my thumb.

Where you put them is up to you, but this is a super easy way to manifest!

4. Use your daily routine as a ritual

When people refer to a morning ritual, they tend to mean your normal routine: ie. showering, putting makeup on, brushing your teeth. So why can’t this be an actual ritual?

When you shower, use the feeling of the water to manifest your purification- the banishing of yesterday’s energy to welcome in the new day.

When you put makeup on, draw a little sigil in foundation on your cheek before you blend it.

When you butter your toast, draw a sigil on it with butter or jam (or whatever you prefer).

A ‘morning ritual’ doesn’t have to be an Insta-perfect yoga routine – it can just be sitting quietly with your enchanted toast.

5. Just sit with a candle for five minutes

How simple is this? Light a candle, and sit looking at the flame. This really helps you connect with the elements and also lets you practice quick meditation, so it’s a win win!

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