How to Make Your Own Sigils

I wanted to make this post as it was something that really confused me when I started out! I make my own sigils now through one of two easy methods.

Obviously there are other ways to do this and I’m certainly not invalidating them!

So let’s kick off with my main bae, the Saturn grid.

The Saturn Grid

Saturn Kamea Sigil - Vinyl Sticker Decal - cad cut seal amulet | eBay

This is by far my favourite method, as it’s easy and non-confusing. Most of my sigils and protective wards use this method.

First, you will need a reference point for Pythagorean numerology. You can find this by simply googling the table, but for reference I’ll put it here:

Your Life Path, Pythagorean Numerology, and Your Name | benebell wen

See how each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a number?

We can use this, therefore, to help us map our sigil.

I will, for example, use the word ‘PROTECTION’

Cross out the repeated letters – so in this case it would look like PROTECTION – P R O T E C I N

Now we can use the sigil grid to draw these letters. We would start on number 7, for ‘P’, then draw a line up to 9 for ‘R’, etc. Mark the start of your sigil with a circle and finish with a bar, like so:

Then take away the grid and you’ll have this:

There’s your protection sigil!

The witches wheel

This is a method that I only really use when the Saturn one doesn’t feel right to me. This may be easier for people who may not want to think about Pythagorean numerology when sigil-making (which is totally fair enough). When I was researching the Witches Wheel grid, there seemed to be two versions: the first one, which was this:

Chaos Magick Sigil Generator - Magic Square Kamea, Musical, or ...

Or the second, which was this:

Rhaven's Alphabet Sigil Wheel | Sigil magic, Sigil, Chaos magic

I use the second one of these, for the reason that one of my family names is ‘Qazi’ and those four letters really stuck out to me in the second one! Also, I feel more connected to the vowels’ placement in the second grid.

You can use either, and the method works for either of them.

Do exactly what you did for the Saturn Grid method: cross out any repeated letters, and then trace the letters onto the grid, like so:


There you go! If this all seems like a bit of a carry-on and you’d rather just find one, I will be regularly uploading generic ones on my Sigil Dump page.

Happy sigilling!

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