Tip: Don’t Hex the moon

You know when you’re watching a horror movie, and the main character goes ‘Yeah I know what will be super fun- let’s get that Ouija Board and see what happens’, and everyone collectively sighs?

I feel like that right. Now.

For those of you who haven’t heard this news, a few days ago, there was a thread on Twitter on some baby witches who had hexed the moon and the fae,

They hexed the moon. And the fae.

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This is weird actually, as I felt that something was off on Sunday morning when I was doing a reading for someone, but didn’t find out about this nightmare until last night.

Hexing the Moon

Even if you hate it, maybe it’s too big or silvery or whatever, the moon is such a vital part to witchcraft and also the pagan faith, that to piss it off probably isn’t a good idea. The Twitter thread mentions that the deities associated with the moon are pissed off, but even if you don’t believe in that, sending negative energies into something that provides so much positive energy isn’t going to end well. If you do believe in deities, the moon deity is connected to the sun deity, so well done, you’ve also involved the sun.

What really made me laugh is ‘they’re planning to hex the sun’. What are they, Mr Burns?

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Hexing the Fae

There is a great blog post about the fae that’ll give you a bit of background here. I’m not going to sit here and explain the fae because honestly I don’t know enough about them! But they are powerful beings that aren’t to be messed with. Now – imagine hexing them. That could mean especially bad things for the people hexing them, and could even mean that their lines are cursed.

Even the most experienced witches don’t mess with this, let alone witches that are just beginning! There is a later tweet that explains that at least one of them was not a beginner but WHO THE HELL JUST DECIDES TO HEX THE FAE FOR FUN?!??!?!?!??!

It is important to note that the Fae are typically considered mischievous and tricky, and should not be interacted with unless one knows exactly what one is up against… With the Fae, there are no gifts–every transaction is an exchange, and it’s never one-sided.


Why they’d do this is completely beyond me – please someone enlighten me if they know, because….I’m stunned.

So – what can we learn from this experience?

For goodness sake, do not mess with this stuff

So now we’ve established that this has been a terrible idea, lets look at….

My thoughts on this

When you begin, you sort of focus on learning. If you were learning to weld metal, you wouldn’t just turn on a blowtorch without knowing what a blowtorch. Why should this be any different than witchcraft? If you have doubts about what you’re doing, don’t do it.

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that I don’t believe in hexing or cursing. This isn’t because I don’t think it’s real (I really do think it’s real), but I believe that it is wrong to do.

I don’t agree with people who hex anyone, so imagine how I feel about people hexing the moon.

So in conclusion, why? Don’t do this. Please.

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