Lets Get Personal: Where the hell have I been?

Hi guys! Long time no write, and with good reason, I promise.

There are a few reasons why I took a break:

Reason 1: Mental Health

Now, I don’t know where you’re reading this from, but I live in the UK. In the UK, we have been pretty much in lock-down since March – it is now July.

one does not simply walk into mordor without screening : lotrmemes

Many of my mental health coping mechanisms relied on doing things outside my house: for example, I used to go to the gym, to pole dancing classes, and spend hours with a hot chocolate in the library with a big ol’ dusty tome on occult studies (living the dream). Now I don’t have any of that, and this coupled with the fact that I haven’t really seen anyone properly since March…my MH has really taken a beating. This has led to me hibernating, binge eating, restrictive eating, excessive video game playing and just doing everything I can to escape the reality of the world we live in.

This was exacerbated by the other terrible events which have occurred since the lock-down started, and to be honest, I could have done more and been more vocal, but that would have been at the expense of my mental health. Instead, I have been quietly learning and donating to causes, which lets me keep a safe distance so as not to really hurt myself whilst still helping.

Reason 2: Music

After my mental health was back on the up again, I set some targets for me to hit, writing-wise. However, it seemed like every time I sat down to write, something else would crop up for me to devote my time to.

One of these things was recording for a cameo appearance I am making on a single that is coming out real soon- watch this space!

I think that music is really magical and so this was important to reconnect with my own soul, which, at the time, my blogging didn’t really feel like it was doing.

Reason 3: Livestreaming

Call me a boomer but I don’t really know what Twitch is. That is all about to change this Sunday night when I am beginning to co-host a weekly livestream with my buddy where we talk about conspiracy theories and other cool stuff.

Pic related: us at work. It’s like Scooby Doo but with less haunted amusement parks and more neckbeards.

He says he got me in because of my knowledge on ‘weird stuff’ but actually I think it’s because of my sharp wit and sweet style.

This livestream is going to be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for anyone who is interested but can’t tune in on Sunday night for whatever reason. More details will follow when I know the specifics.

Reason 4: Following my actual dream

I feel lucky to be at a point in my life where I can follow my childhood dream of becoming a writer, with no pressure and just the freedom to enjoy.

As some of you may know, I am currently working on my poetry anthology which will be a sort of ‘reference book’ to the tarot cards, with each card having a corresponding poem or verse. I’m intending the first drafts to be completed at around the end of August, and it to be published at the end of the year (touch wood).

In an attempt to avoid working on what I should have been working on (the anthology), I have also started another writing project. It’s extremely early days at the moment but it’ll be a reworking of some of the lesser known Greek myths into modern culture.

I feel like I have an advantage, because really, I’m not in it for the money! I’m in it to spread joy and to help people understand, whether that be ‘what the Seven of Cups means’ or ‘what about Medusa’s sisters’. I will be self publishing and selling these books, but I don’t intend to charge more than totally necessary to break even on the costs.

If just one person enjoys my work and it brings them happiness, then I have succeeded.

Reason 5: Other little things

Other little things I’ve been up to include:

  • Working on my languages for spell forming
  • Working on magickal recipes (see below)
  • Working with different brands to see if we have a common goal in our work
  • Binge watching Disney Plus and crying at the Lion King


I went on a break for a la’l bit and now I’m back, but I may upload with less frequency as apparently I have a lot going on at the moment! I’d rather upload less but better quality content than more poor content just for the sake of being regular.

I hope/know everyone will understand- diolch for all your continuing support! I love you guys ❤

Philosophy, Occultism and Witchcraft Rabbit holes: Because Reading is Fun-damental!

[NB: Two things: firstly, sorry for the delay in posting, my mental health hasn’t been great and apologies if my writing isn’t up to scratch with the rest of my posts; secondly, I’ll probably update this post if I find new and relevant information to add!]

I did an interview on Monday for The Brit Witch’s blog, and I was asked why I started my blog. My answer: to help people feel a little bit less overwhelmed.

I made a previous post for beginner witches, but I thought I’d just expand bit on a piece of advice which is probably the most important.

What do YOU believe?

I can never get over how many people I meet that blindly follow without figuring out what they believe in, and its unsurprising that a fair few of these fledgling witches lose interest and end up stopping practising.

By far the most helpful thing for me was actually figuring out what I believe, and by doing this, helped me develop my own craft and spiritual practice, as well as strengthening my faith (because if you’re sceptical about something at first, forcing yourself to believe can have a negative effect on the rest of your learning).

Here are links to interesting information as to why magic works, the reality we live in and even some theories as to the meaning of life. Also: some of these may just be INTERESTING AF, with no relation to spellcraft, but obviously read these at your discretion.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these theories, and also please be careful of trying any of these practices at home – ALWAYS make sure to cleanse and protect.

The Law Of One

The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One: Volume 1: Amazon.co.uk ...

“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

The Law of One messages were channelled by a group of mediums in the 1980s, and these messages supposedly came from a non-human entity called Ra. Here is a link to their website, which includes questions and answers, however in my experience it’s a bit heavy to read – 106 sessions? No way bozo.

The Law of One suggests that there is a Divine Creator, but that Creator is us. My haphazard paraphrasing (which could be nightmarishly wrong but I’m trying my god-damn best) is that we are on a journey to find our path back to the Divine, and these paths can either be service to ourselves or service to others. If we don’t choose either of these paths and find our way back, then we reincarnate until we do.

For people like me (who need TLDRs), here is the synopsis.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga - Wikipedia

This theory implies that in order to harness our true potential, Kundalini yoga is the answer.

Why a snake? The power of this yoga comes from the Kundalini (Sanskrit for “coiled serpent”), an enormous reserve of untapped potential within each of us, located around the sacrum or “sacred bone” at the base of the spine.


You can do a course in it for free, by visiting their website here, or just read up on it by reading the Wiki (yeah, cheating, I know). Interstingly, there was a Netflix documentary about a cult that was based around this practice, but I feel that that’s a really closed-minded way of looking at it. Russell Brand says it’s good, and he doesn’t (really) seem like a cult leader to me, so give it a try! (FYI if Russell Brand did lead a cult I’d be first in line. Love you RB x).

Alternatively, there are several Kundalini videos on Youtube – for example, this one.

I find this interesting as so many people have their own theories as to what Kundalini is (a magical practice or just meditation?)- it’s a rabbit hole worth going down, for sure.

The Language of Arithmetic

BBC Radio 3 - Sunday Feature, Harmony of the Spheres

Remember when you were in Year 8 and learning about equations and thinking ‘when am I gonna need this’? Well, according to several famous thinkers, the answer is ALL THE TIME.

These philosophers and mathematicians speculated that maths was the language of God, and that the universe was created through a series of equations.

See here for ya boi Pythagoras (remember him from GCSE Maths? I do). He is a theorist of Numerology which is another wonderful labyrinth of info. Here’s a YouTube video, too.

He had this theory about music, which I love:

Pythagoras pioneered the mathematical and experimental study of music. He objectively measured physical quantities, such as the length of a string, and discovered quantitative mathematical relationships of music through arithmetic ratios. Pythagoras attempted to explain subjective psychological and aesthetic feelings, such as the enjoyment of musical harmony.


TDLR: Universe corresponds with numbers which correspond with everything else: music, biology, sacred geometry, Fibronacci sequence, etc.

Also, the Harmony of the Spheres is a really interesting offshoot of this.

In conflict, here is what Aristotle had to say on the matter.

To go further with the reality is numbers theory, think of binary code and how technology is made up of numbers – isn’t it weird to think that we could be living in a simulated reality made up of numbers? Or a ‘real’ reality that’s also just made up of numbers?

The Fibronacci Sequence

This is a short one, and relates to the last point, but the Fibronacci sequence is too interesting not to share.

Here is the Fibronacci sequence:

Fibonacci Sequence Breakdown in JavaScript - Dennis Wang - Medium

Recognise it? It’s probably because a lot of things grow according to this sequence.

Further reading

YouTube video

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction you’ve probably already heard of: wish for something hard enough and that thing will manifest. This in my mind corresponds to witchcraft as a lot of that is about intention, so here we go:

What is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction examples

Law of Attraction official website

My only issue with their website is that it reminds me of that episode of The IT Crowd where one of the characters wishes for a helicopter and he got one- it’s the spacey header! (and the fact that the episode was sort of about this). Basically, don’t go too far-fetched and this will most likely benefit you.

Ancient religions and Pantheons

Here are some wikis for different cultures: you may find that you have been a polytheist for some time and have never thought about it! Definitely worth reading and seeing if there are any deities that you specifically connect to.

Greek deities

Roman deities

Celtic deities

Egyptian deities

Norse deities

Also worth reading about:


Nature worship


Animism encompasses the beliefs that all material phenomena have agency, that there exists no hard and fast distinction between the spiritual and physical (or material) world and that soul or spirit or sentience exists not only in humans, but also in other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers or other entities of the natural environment: water spritesvegetation deitiestree sprites, … . Animism may further attribute a life force to abstract concepts such as words, true names or metaphors in mythology.


Basically what that quote said^. Everything has its own sentience.

Since ancient times, humans have attached sentience to nature spirits, and even inanimate objects like swords and ships. A modern example of this is when I have to put my stuffed animal into the wardrobe when we have visitors and I feel so sorry for him in there, even though deep down I know that he is just cloth and filling (I am 26 years old). It is interesting to see how many others have these feelings, so animism could be a valid philosophy, even if objects are inanimate, they may have some form of sentience.

Examples of animism

In relation to this….

The Law of Vibration

I realise that this blog post has taken a more sciencey route – but don’t magic and science go hand in hand anyway?

My last reading topic for y’all today is the Law of Vibration.

Everything in life is a vibration

Albert Einstein

The universe has vibrations, we have vibrations, and so does everything else.

“We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.”

Gautama Buddha

The Law of Vibrations states that nothing is ever resting and is constantly vibrating – some people have even speculated that our words and actions vibrate.

It is theorised that everything in the universe is made up of pure light and energy. If we look at an object, it is made up of smaller objects, and so on, and so on.

Waynes World GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here are some links to get you started:



An interesting article about the use of vibration in crystal healing

A creepy theory and valid point of view on this is that we can only perceive what we can perceive: there could be things in the world that have energy vibrations low enough that we simply don’t know they exist.

Some of my thoughts on these theories

Even though nobody asked

When I was researching the Law of Attraction and Vibration, there seemed to be a lot centred around ‘getting what you want’. I personally don’t think this is the right attitude and definitely not the right attitude to be practising in your craft.

Having said that, I do think that all of these theories are worth keeping in mind: I find that numerology is extremely handy for tarot work and sigil making, and that vibrations are really important for energy work and crystal healing.

What out of these Do you believe in? Do you think that there is an omnipresent, one deity? Or multiple? Or that we are god?

Intuitive headspaces: A universal skill

Since ‘like, for-EVER’, people have been using trance head spaces. Some use it for recreation (think of the early 2000s club scene), whilst others use it for divination, and others use it to write. I’m not going to harp on and on about the history of trance states, but if you’re interested, here’s the wiki link.

The more you get into this trance headspace, the easier it is to do. I want to point out that when I say ‘trance headspace’, at no point should you be completely unaware of your surroundings, and I mean it as being on a different plane of consciousness.

These tips are what works for me – and as with everything, some things may work for you, others may not. The trance headspace, or feeling detached from your conscious body, will help you in lots of practices: I use it for divination, cooking and spellwork, basically anything I really need to dig into my unconscious mind for.

Some may believe that we can receive messages through our unconscious minds from spirit guides, or apparitions, something which I don’t personally believe in, but these methods should work to help you into that headspace!

What does the headspace feel like?

For me, the headspace feels like disassociation, apart from the opposite way around. We are not focused on our physical forms but we are hyperassociating with our spirit forms.

Remember that part of the Simpsons where Lisa is training Bart to meditate and something in his head just seems to ‘switch’? That’s what we’re aiming for here.

Method #1

Elemental meditation

I came across this whilst on a retreat in the Lakes last year. You can either use all elements for this or just one, depending on whether you connect with one more than another.

I used Air as my element, as it’s the one that resonates the most with me.

Sit and just be still. Notice your chosen element, If you are using Fire, you might want to light a candle, or go to a lake if you are using Water.

Fire: Fixate your gaze onto the flame. Notice the warmth energy, how it flickers, its bright colour. How such a small flame could have such a powerful force if uncontrolled.

Water: Notice the sound of the water (if near a body of water), how water is essential for life, how lucky we are that the chemical compounds exist to sustain life on earth.

Air: Feel the air on your face. Think of the twists and turns a leaf makes as it is swept through the sky by the wind. Think of the power of something so invisible yet so strong.

Earth: Imagine having x-ray vision in the soles of your feet. How many layers of the earth are there between you right now and the Earth’s core? Think of how the ground produces our food, materials for our shelter.

Do this until the light switch clicks in your brain. You might not recognise it at first, but then you may start to do something else and notice that you’re a bit too zoned out – that means that you were in the headspace!

Method #2


Isn’t it wonderful that all human beings since the dawn of time have appreciated music? There is a primeval quality in really connecting to music that can really help your practice.

Do you ever get that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you have an almost physical reaction to it? I have always had this with folk music, as have both my parents. This is sign that you’re really connecting.

Personally, I can find it difficult sometimes to entrance myself from songs with vocals in, but I’ve put together some handy Spotify playlists for you to try out if you go to this page. I’ll be updating these regularly so if you connect with any of them, make sure to give them a follow!

Method #3

Meditation apps

What a great time we live in for meditation apps! My favourite one is Insight Timer which is free from the App Store and you can choose different ambient soundtracks to meditate to, like a seafront, or a garden.

A great technique I remember reading about was where you close your eyes and imagine a long staircase, containing 70 steps. Visualise yourself walking down them, counting each one, and when you reach the bottom you should be in that hyper-associative state.

Remember: you can always combine all of these or just some of them! As long as you achieve that ‘switch’

The switch should make you feel a bit like this:

See the source image
Side note: does anyone remember this? I LOVED this book series 16 years ago

Happy practising! As always, any questions or comments, please leave them below or just email me!

I’m a beginner…..where do I start?

First of all, welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve chosen this path.

Now, you’ve decided to start practising witchcraft, but where on EARTH do you begin????? There are so many different routes to go down, it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. However, most people realise that they’ve actually been practising all their lives, and they’ve just never acknowledged it.

My advice is to start small. Find out who you are – ‘know thyself’ – which element do you relate to? How do you associate with the universe? Which craft feels the best for you? These answers will come in time, here are some links to get you going!

What are your hobbies? Are you a musician, or someone who regularly goes to the gym? Do you enjoy crafts and cooking? Do you connect more with humans or with animals?

Which element should you start to work with? Take this quiz to find out.

It’s always a good idea to find out your astrological birth chart too! (TW: there is a ‘birth name’ field on this form but if you aren’t comfy with this then that’s totally fine, it’s just so they can put a name on your report).

Find out if you can be put into a meditative state with these Spotify playlists, OR if you can meditate with your own certain music. (If you can, you might be a musical meditator!)

Folk Energy Raising

Electronic Trance

Oldy worldy Meditation

Video Game Soundtracks

Weird Jazz Stuff (but I sorta love it)

Luckily there are so many quizzes out there that can tell you what kind of witchcraft you resonate with, but I would advise to take these with a pinch of salt. A lot of these are either just for fun or inaccurate – basically do what feels right! You may find that you love candles, but not candle magic (ahem, same). This blog article of mine might spur you on a bit and hammers the point home, if I haven’t banged on about it enough. Pinterest can be an ally and an enemy, some spells are inaccurate and may just make you doubt your faith.

Remember: you do not have to fit into any box – this is what is so good about witchcraft, it’s for everyone! Read and speak to other witches and listen to podcasts, just keep learning and you’ll find your way!

Happy witching!

How to Make Your Own Sigils

I wanted to make this post as it was something that really confused me when I started out! I make my own sigils now through one of two easy methods.

Obviously there are other ways to do this and I’m certainly not invalidating them!

So let’s kick off with my main bae, the Saturn grid.

The Saturn Grid

Saturn Kamea Sigil - Vinyl Sticker Decal - cad cut seal amulet | eBay

This is by far my favourite method, as it’s easy and non-confusing. Most of my sigils and protective wards use this method.

First, you will need a reference point for Pythagorean numerology. You can find this by simply googling the table, but for reference I’ll put it here:

Your Life Path, Pythagorean Numerology, and Your Name | benebell wen

See how each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a number?

We can use this, therefore, to help us map our sigil.

I will, for example, use the word ‘PROTECTION’

Cross out the repeated letters – so in this case it would look like PROTECTION – P R O T E C I N

Now we can use the sigil grid to draw these letters. We would start on number 7, for ‘P’, then draw a line up to 9 for ‘R’, etc. Mark the start of your sigil with a circle and finish with a bar, like so:

Then take away the grid and you’ll have this:

There’s your protection sigil!

The witches wheel

This is a method that I only really use when the Saturn one doesn’t feel right to me. This may be easier for people who may not want to think about Pythagorean numerology when sigil-making (which is totally fair enough). When I was researching the Witches Wheel grid, there seemed to be two versions: the first one, which was this:

Chaos Magick Sigil Generator - Magic Square Kamea, Musical, or ...

Or the second, which was this:

Rhaven's Alphabet Sigil Wheel | Sigil magic, Sigil, Chaos magic

I use the second one of these, for the reason that one of my family names is ‘Qazi’ and those four letters really stuck out to me in the second one! Also, I feel more connected to the vowels’ placement in the second grid.

You can use either, and the method works for either of them.

Do exactly what you did for the Saturn Grid method: cross out any repeated letters, and then trace the letters onto the grid, like so:


There you go! If this all seems like a bit of a carry-on and you’d rather just find one, I will be regularly uploading generic ones on my Sigil Dump page.

Happy sigilling!

5 little witchy things that you can do anywhere

We’ve all been here: you want to do some big elaborate rituals, you want to manifest great things, but do you have time?

Absolutely not.

Disclaimer: I have been way busy and not doing this most of the time

With work, housework, errands, other things going on in life, it’s easy to think that you don’t have time for witchcraft – I was exactly the same before I started knowingly practising. It seems to be big elaborate rituals with fire and robes and chanting, right? Well, it was to me in the beginning (as an outsider looking in).

Here’s some quick and easy ways to practise your spellcraft anywhere!

1. Enchant your morning brew

Everyone has some kind of drink in the morning, right? For me it’s usually coffee, but this spell can be used on pretty much anything: tea, coffee, cordial, gin and tonic, vodka martini…..

Here’s how easy it is: make your brew as normal, and then when you stir it, stir it clockwise, and visualise the things you want to manifest being drawn to you by the direction of the drink. I normally sprinkle a bit of cinnamon into my coffee to accentuate the spell, but it’ll work regardless!

2. Charged crystals in your pocket

The great thing about teeny crystals or jewellery is that they’re super-portable. Try meditating on a crystal in the morning and imbue it with what you’d like to manifest, then you can keep it in your pocket and draw out that energy when you need it. I’d recommend clear or rose quartz for this, because they’re great at soaking up energy, but sometimes I’ll use my lovely teal fluorite. Why? Because it feels right.

3. Draw sigils on yourself/something you own

This sort of relates to my next point, but its a good’un. Refer to my Making Sigils page for guidance on coming up with a sigil, or use one of my pre-made ones. Then you can draw this wherever you like to manifest your goals. For example, if there is something I want to manifest that week, I will draw the sigil for it in the notes page of my diary, so then everything I write in there will be enchanted to help me. Another time, I had to deliver a presentation at work, so I drew a small sigil on my thumb.

Where you put them is up to you, but this is a super easy way to manifest!

4. Use your daily routine as a ritual

When people refer to a morning ritual, they tend to mean your normal routine: ie. showering, putting makeup on, brushing your teeth. So why can’t this be an actual ritual?

When you shower, use the feeling of the water to manifest your purification- the banishing of yesterday’s energy to welcome in the new day.

When you put makeup on, draw a little sigil in foundation on your cheek before you blend it.

When you butter your toast, draw a sigil on it with butter or jam (or whatever you prefer).

A ‘morning ritual’ doesn’t have to be an Insta-perfect yoga routine – it can just be sitting quietly with your enchanted toast.

5. Just sit with a candle for five minutes

How simple is this? Light a candle, and sit looking at the flame. This really helps you connect with the elements and also lets you practice quick meditation, so it’s a win win!

‘There’s no place like home’ security spell/Recipe

Remember those family roast dinners when you were a kid? The smell of the potatoes, that faint warmth from the vegetables cooking? I thought about this whilst creating this spell, and the safe, secure feeling it brought me.

With this in mind, I created some side dishes, each with their own correspondences – but if you don’t like any of these vegetables or herbs, feel free to omit them!

Mixed dish

Pick three or four of these vegetables:

  • Carrots
  • Turnips
  • Swede
  • Celeriac
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Peas
  • Parsnip
  • Yams

Boil with rosemary (home, purity, psychic protection) and thyme (protection, healing). The steam from this will give you your air correspondence. Serve with a sprig of fresh basil for a hit of good luck.

Buttered corn

Sweetcorn is associated with home protection, therefore is perfect for this spell. Cook as normal,drain, then stir through a knob of butter, and a little bit of chopped garlic (to break hexes, banish negative energy and give security, earth correspondence). The amount of garlic you use depends on how much corn you’re making, so for my recipe for two people, I use about half a teaspoon for about 200g (1 cup) of corn.

Sautéed greens

You can use any greens for this recipe, but I prefer to use variations of:

  • Thinly sliced Savoy cabbage
  • Spring/mixed greens
  • Bok choi
  • Chopped leeks
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Thinly sliced red cabbage

Leeks are also associated with home protection so are a good choice, and cabbage can represent our roots with the earth.

Heat up a frying pan and put a good amount of butter in – you might need to keep adding butter to make sure it doesn’t dry up. Add sea salt (water correspondence, protection) and black pepper/peppercorns (banishing, justice, strength, fire correspondence) to taste.

Serve with your roast, and know that all four elements have been respected and used to protect your home.

Healing happiness carrots

Honey roasted carrots are SO GOOD and with a la’al bit o’ witchin’ they can be beneficial too. I originally tried my hand at these for Yule 2018 but I wasn’t using my intuition then and instead found a terrible Pinterest recipe that failed on Every. Single. Level. Needless to say they didn’t make it into the Yule feast and went in the bin! What a waste 😦 

Anyway, here’s my intuitive kitchen craft recipe for these carrots (I’m going to eventually try experimenting with other root vegetables but the flavours of this go so well I don’t want to risk it!)

You will need: 

  • Carrots, peeled and cut lengthways
  • Olive oil (or vegetable oil)
  • A few sprigs of rosemary
  • Sea salt
  • Runny honey
  • Roasting pan
  • Tin foil


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C (i used a fan oven so i’m not sure what this would be for non-fan!)
  2. Line your roasting tray with foil, and drizzle some oil over it, then put it in the oven while it preheats – this makes your carrots extra crispy bc hot oil, man
  3. Boil your carrots in a saucepan for 15/20 minutes, until they’re quite soft
  4. By the time they’ve finished your oven should have preheated and the oil will be hot
  5. Drain the carrots and put them back into the pan, then drizzle over oil, a few shakes of salt, and a squeeze or teaspoon of runny honey
  6. Mix that all together
  7. Take your roasting pan out of the oven, and lay the carrots on the foil – most of the time they’ll sizzle a bit, this is a good sign!
  8. Add your sprigs of rosemary onto the top of them, and drizzle over the remaining mixture from the pan
  9. Bake in your oven for 40 minutes
  10. Take out and lay on some kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil
  11. Serve!

Reflections of the week 27/4/2020

So it’s currently ten minutes past eleven pm….on Tuesday 5th May, and I’ve only just got around to writing this post which should have been written on Saturday! But the situation actually illustrates my point, so I feel like I have a bit of an excuse (tarot cards told me to procrastinate).

So this (last) week I got the Wheel of Fortune, and it set my mind reeling – wheeling, if you will, hehe – about the passage of time.

See the source image

If you overthink everything and worry a lot like me, 2020 seems to be a waste of time. We only have about 90 years on this earth, and half of this year has already gone and we’ve been stuck in a global pandemic.

What relevance does this have to the Wheel of Fortune? Well, the Wheel of Fortune, to me, represents the cyclical nature of life, and also makes me think of the Pagan wheel of the year – see below:

Time is going to pass us by, whether we are annoyed about it or not. We can make the most of this time by learning, introspection or simply just doing what we enjoy. This is actually quite a traumatic time for the world – even though it doesn’t really seem like that because it isn’t like that film Independence Day.

The Wheel also symbolises the concept of ‘what goes around. comes around,’ which brings me back to what I said in the first paragraph. Personally, I read this for my week as ‘if you put effort in, it will pay off in the end, or, in Wayne’s World terms:

The lesson that we can take from this card is that yes, this is a good time to work hard and you’ll eventually see the rewards – for example, me working on my qualifications and my day job and my languages every day – and now you have an opportunity to do things that you might not get again.

Time will pass us by, and this pandemic will pass us by, and what we choose to do with this time is our choice.

Morticia? Elphaba? 10 examples that will change your views of the ‘witch’

Today I’m going to talk about something that is really important to me, and probably countless other witchcraft practitioners: aesthetics. 

I have no shame in admitting that I am a Millenial™ and was brought up between the 90s scrunchie-wearing-size 0 culture and the selfie culture we live in today. Even though I’m an adult, I think we are all affected by what we see in the media.  

So, what’s my point here? 

Look at these popular modern depictions of witches: 

Morticia Addams, The Addams Family, 1991
Misty Day, American Horror Story, 2013
Marie Laveau, American Horror Story, 2013
Model: Dayana Crunk

With this surge in popularity of young women (and men) turning to witchcraft, it’s easy to see why many witches feel pressured to look or commit to a certain aesthetic and interests that ‘correspond’ with these aesthetics: Morticia, Misty (or Stevie, whichever floats your boat), Marie Laveau hoodoo queen, or Dayana Killstar nu goth witch.

I’m not saying that any of these aesthetics aren’t valid (I personally love all of them and model myself after two of them).

But if you don’t look like this, are you qualified to call yourself a witch? Are you qualified if you just practise a little bit in your spare time, or do we all have to be hunched over grimoires in candlelight in our Instagram-perfect gothic houses?

Of course you are qualified. 

The aesthetic and interests you have, and who you are, do not have an impact on your value as a witch.  

Witchcraft can be as much a part of your life as you want it to be.

To illustrate this, I’ve collected together some folks, all of whom are different, and all of whom are extremely valid witches. I have also included their Instagram handles if I know them! Do you see yourself in any of these people? If so- great! If not- great! I rest my case and hand you over to…

1. Way_of_the_witch

‘I am an eclectic witch and for the past seven years I have been working on my craft.

I am not a multigenerational witch. I am the first in my family to work in witchcraft, and over the years I’ve been able to gather witches from all over my area and of all different paths and bring us together. I am a hot mess with my three rescue cats and roommate (who is also a witch).

My interest is mostly in the work itself, connecting different items and elements to alter the flow of energies and bend it to what I ask. Being eclectic I work a lot with different mediums. Finding a home in Tarot, candle work, and spell creation.’

2. Skye

‘I’m Skye, from the UK. I have been a practising pagan witch for just short of a decade. My interests pertain to the ocean, nature, art, poetry and music. I consider myself a sea witch and I work with the oceanic realm. The sea has always captured my heart, and soul. And it has always been a place of solace and strength for me. Being a witch to me, means being your authentic self, living your truth and standing in your power. After all, the greatest magic takes place within ourselves.’ 

3. xdumpsterxkandix1992

‘My aesthetic *nowadays* is what I would call “evil school girl” or a mix of 70s punk, 80s goth, and just a huge 90S/Y2K mess! It really depends on my mood, but lately its leaning more towards my goth look in middle and high school. I definitely believe self-expression is a HUGE part of witchcraft and just me in general. Whatever I’m feeling I need help with that day is what I express throughout the day and in my practice, as I tailor it to my needs and make it as specific as possible. My interests outside of it are dancing (modern, bellydancing and hoopdancing), theater/costuming, sewing, art, poetry, music (both listening to and playing), nature, natural medicine, essential oils and herbs, astrology (which all play a part in my craft) cooking/baking, so many things.’

4. Oldsoulnewlife

‘I was raised Wiccan, but dabbled and studied one or two other religions before studying paganism as a whole. I discovered my ancestors were Viking and Celtic and decided to try the more ancient path, while merging it with a little new age belief. So I’m classified under a heathen pagan witch but I just do magick when I’m called. Magick is a big part of my daily routine and helps with manic depression, ptsd and fibromyalgia. I incorporate it into everything from my coffee to my shower to setting an intention on my work break. Witchcraft and magick saved me, my health and my life.’ 

5. Jorge (@thescribian)

‘Witchcraft found me before I even knew what it was. It’s not what defines me, but it plays such a beautiful role in almost everything that I do. I love to entertain people with writing and acting – I’ll work with candles to infuse creativity and passion into those things. I love helping people through my career in education – I’ll invent rituals for good fortune, or even clear communication! And when I’m not chasing the forty million ambitions I can muster in a moment, I like to take some time to study witchcraft and connect with other practitioners, which reminds me I’m a part of something so much greater than myself.’

6. Alpha.feminine

‘I’m in school for social work but my ideal goal is to be a psychedelic therapist so I can merge the spiritual and apply therapeutic techniques. I’m interested in astrology (still learning!) but that was a huge explanation for how I naturally went about my craft. I use fire, incantations and draw sigils! Drawing itself is an act of meditation and manifesting for me.’

7. Kit (chronic.enby)

‘Hi I’m Kit, I’m 28 and I’m nonbinary. I started practicing witchcraft at about 8 years old when I found out I had witch/pagan ancestors. I work a lot with candle magick since fire has always called to me. I’m also an artist! I like to incorporate my art into candle making/carving: it makes my practice more personal.’

8. Seren

‘My witch-name is Seren, I’m Welsh, and I’m a kitchen witch, 27. 

I primarily do kitchen witchcraft and hearth witchcraft, which means I work primarily with food – something I’m very happy about! – and I consider myself secular, despite also being a Hellenic polytheist – I don’t believe that my deities are inherently linked to my witchcraft. I do a lot of baking and cooking, which my housemates are very pleased about. 

My aesthetic is anything pink, pastel and cute – I like vintage, flowery, but also creepy-cute and pastel-goth. I appreciate the duality of the aesthetic. I wear a lot of 60s and 70s style dresses, and if it doesn’t come in pink, I don’t buy it!’ 

9. Witchedfelis


‘Hi, My name is Puneet (Witched Felis : magickal name) and I am a natural Witch from India. I am an author and I have recently published a book on true paranormal encounters.
I am a Wiccan , Psychic and Clairvoyant. I also write a Blog where I express my views on witchcraft. Witchcraft for me is a way of living, An ancient way of living being aware of our body, mind, consciousness and the parallel dimensions. To be a Witch is to be leader of self, to be a healer and to be a guiding light for self and all those who come to you seeking help. I was born as a Witch and Since I live in India, Which is considered as a Land of Magick ,my Journey as a witch was smooth. I believe, there is a Wise Witch in all of us, but we just don’t choose to become aware of it. It’s a a beautiful path, and We create our own Path in this, We don’t follow a single religious book but write our Own book of Shadows- isn’t it interesting? We follow our Instincts and Strongly believe in what we are and Be proud of it. There are many subjects in Witchcraft and depending on our interest we choose to learn. I have been using tarot as a tool for learning philosophy , as a medium to read the fortunes, heal and understand the Underlying mindset.’

10. Angela, los angeles (@eastwest.sun)

‘Hello! I’m Angela from the suburbs of Los Angeles. I’m an outdoors girl at heart and on normal weekends, you can find me camped out in a van with my two dogs in the mountains or deserts of California. I have an incredibly bright and candy colored wardrobe. I know I don’t seem very witchy but my craft comes from the conjoining of two cultures. I practice elemental herbalism and healing, and I always try to honor my magickal roots — from California to Taiwan.’

I think my point here is proved, However, this is only the tip of the iceberg of the diversity of this practice, and I think that’s what makes it the most magical and powerful.

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Thank you to all my interviewees! If you have something you’d like to share about your personal journey or craft, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this – or just message me! My inbox is always open, especially to new friends ❤