How I raise enough energy for spellwork in less than ten minutes

One way of raising energy is achieving some kind of meditative state, How do we do this? Some people use shamanic drumming, others use sitting perfectly still on top of Helvellyn (trust me, it’s cold up there).

Explore Mountains in Keswick, the Lake District - Helvellyn
Yeah, no thanks. (Source)

I use dance and music.

Not just any kind of music, but music that my brain reacts to. There are studies that show certain types of music causing the brain to go into a trance like state, and you can find hours of ‘trance’ music on YouTube just by searching for it:

But here’s the thing: I don’t use either of those.

My top two energy raising genres are folk music, or actual trance electronic music. Folk, as I was brought up on it, creates a feeling of home and high spirits in my brain, and trance…well, I think I just have a natural affinity for getting ‘lost’ in it.

Here are my favourite songs for energy raising. Give them a try and see if any of them work for you!

The way I raise energy is by dancing to this music and feeling the energy from it coursing through me: I am a vessel for the earth’s energy.

Jig of Life: Kate Bush

This is great for me as it taps into the shamanistic drumming, whilst also having a folk dance segment at the end. The words ‘and you will dance with me in the sunlit pools’ are some of my favourite lyrics of all time too. It was really important when I first started and I used this song all the time! Love you Kate ❤

Free Tibet – Vini Vici Remix – Vini Vici

Complete polar opposite, but allowing yourself to sink into this music really works for me.

All Tomorrow’s Parties – The Velvet Underground

You know there’s just those songs where they make you feel like a witch? Well, this one really does. If you recognise it and you’re a big goth like me, you might know it from the end of the Rob Zombie film ‘Lords of Salem’. I’m not going to put The Velvet Underground on this list twice but they also did this song which works really well, too.

Fee Ra Huri – Omnia

Here we are in the pagan aesthetic folk dance genre and I love it. I like to use this one whilst cooking or kneading bread.

Bliss on Mushrooms – Infected Mushroom & Bliss

What can I say? Makes you feel up in the clouds and dancing to this is just….ahhh.

Opening Titles – The Sorcerers

This band was introduced to me by a fellow Witch At Work (WAW) and they’re so nice to just spin slowly to. This whole album is great for it but this is my favourite track.

Hopefully these have given you an idea of what trance-state through music feels like, and how achieving a trance energy is easier than you think!

For more meditative playlists, check out My Spotify Profile (Ignore the old username lol)

Have any song recommendations? Let me know!

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