Reflections of the week 06/04/2020

It’s week 5 of lock down and we are going insane. Today we discussed in great detail the origin of the place name ‘Swansea’, and also are composing a full length West End show entitled: Corona: The Musical.

This past week has been filled with emotional difficulty: tensions were high in our house, and doubtlessly in many other houses – I read somewhere that predicted divorce rates will skyrocket when the quarantine is over.

So let’s talk about my card pull for last week: the Six of Pentacles. I was particularly drawn to the Hermetic tarot deck, and sometimes if I have a strong intuitive feeling for a deck then it puts a new spin on the card’s meaning.

The Six of Pentacles, in the Hermetic Tarot, is titled Lord of Material Success. There is a hand at the bottom, holding a bouquet of flowers which snake around the six pentacles, which bear symbols relating to the card’s alignments. The planetary alignment of this card in the Hermetic tarot is the moon, and its sign is Taurus.

Generally speaking, the Six of Pentacles represents the idea of giving and receiving: sometimes you are the giver of coins, sometimes you are the receiver. This can be in a literal, financial sense, or in the sense of emotions. Are you a giver or a receiver of emotion right now? Are you doing enough to balance those scales so that everyone is being treated fairly?

The moon is a symbol of your inner self (remember those pesky Sun Signs and Moon Signs? I ‘member). The moon also represents waxing and waning, and in this sense, could symbolise the waxes and wanes of a relationship, friendship or just generally life. Therefore, I read this card to suggest that you may be feeling how you really feel right now. You have no distractions from your thoughts, and you’re tired of putting up this facade, a mask to wear on the outside.

But uhoh spaghettio, we’ve got a bit of conflict: Taurus is an Earth sign, who represents stability and practicality.

Six of Pentacles + Moon + Taurus = lets be honest, not the best combo.

So how does it all mesh together, and what lessons can we learn?

  1. Relationships are a two way street. Don’t expect people to reach out to you if you aren’t reaching out to them.
  2. If you’re harbouring any ill feelings towards a spouse, friend or a housemate, that Taurus energy is going to make you feel like you either need to stand your ground, or cut and run for a simple practical solution (or a conflict of both). Use the moon’s gentleness to approach this in a way that covers both sides of the relationship. Compromise is key.
  3. If you seek harmony with those around you, that harmony will carry you through this uncertainty.

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