Little plans for Lughnasadh on any budget

Hey guys!

I hope you all are having a great summer, wherever you are!

I realised that I don’t actually post much about the Pagan holidays as I’d like to, so here we are with some nice ideas of things to do for Lughnasadh.

What is Lughnasadh?

Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is a Pagan holiday held on 1st August which marks the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest season. It is named after the the god Lugh, who is sometimes interpreted as the Sun god, but is also related to the Roman god Mercury. You can read more about Lugh here.

Pick dandelions and make flower crowns

Ok so I started off with the most twee thing on the list. Dandelions and marigolds are very connected with Lughnasadh as they are sun plants, and Lughnasadh is a time of heat and light. They could also be said to invoke Lugh, if you interpret Lugh as a god of the Sun.

Disclaimer: Please don’t pinch marigolds out of other people’s gardens! Dandelions are fine, or any yellow/red/orange flowers.

Here is an easy flower crown tutorial:

2. Bake bread

Lughnasadh is a time for harvest, and so baking bread is great to reconnect at this time. Try baking flowers into the top of it for that extra special touch.

3. Decorate your altar for the holiday

My altar is my whole home, so I decorate with flowers in vases and things that remind me of harvesting – orange flowers, spell bags of wheat wrapped in brown twine, jute cloth garlands, etc. You can find or make all sorts if you meditate and think about what the holiday means to you!

4. Make blackberry crumble or pancakes

An old custom is that it’s unlucky to eat blackberries after 29th September, so eat as many as you can before then! Source They’re super cheap around this time in supermarkets due to being seasonal, or you can go and pick them yourself if they are safe to eat.

5. Make something with corn

Because it’s the harvesting season, it’s the perfect time to eat corn. Literally canned sweetcorn (30p from the right stores). A great tweak I’ve found is to cook the sweetcorn until it’s hot, drain it and put a knob of butter and 1/2 teaspoon of garlic in it.

6. Attend my free Twitch session

Shameless bit of self promotion here, but I will be conducting an online meditation/ritual session on 1st August to celebrate the holiday. Stay updated here.

7. Have a talent show with your friends

Lugh is the god of craftsmanship and talent. So what better way to celebrate him than to get together, drink some red wine and hold a performance where you all take turns? If your country is still in lockdown (I hear ya UK) you can do this over Skype!

8. Have a sports competition

If singing on Skype isn’t really your thing, and you’re not having to stay at home, why not have a sports competition with your friends? The festival of Lughnasadh has been likened to the Olympic games, and so anything that tests your mettle in sport is a great idea!

9. Sing and dance

I do this at every holiday but this is my favourite way of reconnecting with my soul and the universe. Put your favourite music on and just go for it. Have a good time. It’s a festival!

10. Create something

Again, celebrate your craftsmanship by letting your creativity roam free!

Most importantly – reconnect, reflect and look forward to the waning light.

Have a blessed Lughnasadh

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