Reflections of the week 16/3/2020

Happy Saturday! I had to work out what day it was, as I’m sure lots of other people are with working from home. It hasn’t actually been too bad so far: I’ve managed to get lots of housework done and actually slow down a bit from hectic commuting life. I miss the gym and seeing my friends, though.

This week, I pulled a reversed Seven of Cups, and then I clarified it with Judgement. I’ve been getting the Seven of Cups quite a bit recently in my readings and it’s not become clear yet why this is, although this reversed one has definitely predicted my week: limited choice, difficult choices. At the time though I thought ‘oh stuff this, I need a clarifier’, mainly because I’ve got the Seven of Cups sooo much recently. So I pulled Judgement. Judgement, in this context, spoke to me about consequences of actions: be that good or bad.

This was actually accurate: I made a choice not to see my mam last week, and to work from home way before everyone else did because I had a gut feeling that this was a bad situation. I also made a choice to open up more at work, and made some difficult choices regarding work priorities. Today I made a choice to use my boredom in doing the housework, and now I am enjoying the fruits of it!

workplace safety – Warehouseflow

On a wider scale, I think that society and the earth are experiencing difficult choices and inner conflict right now. The shelves of shops are empty with people panic-buying, and on the other side are people who genuinely need supplies and can’t get them because there’s nothing left. People are having to decide whether or not to leave the house, and most importantly, whether or not to be self-preserving or selfless in this chaos.

It was the Spring Equinox this week, the equal parts of light and dark, and this represents the earth and society right now – do we choose the light, selfless path, risking our own health and security to help others? Or do we choose the self-preserving, some might call it ‘selfish’ path, bulk buying so we have the security of being able to survive the quarantine, however long it may be. The Spring Equinox signifies that the light will grow, and I can only hope that society will begin to look after itself. After all, the human race is ultimately one big community, and there’s no need to step on other people to get what you want, or deprive others just for your own security.

The ultimate lesson here is that being kind seems like sacrificing your own security, but if we all look after each other, there will be enough of everything for everyone.

Stay safe and blessed be ❤

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