Reflections of the week: 20/4/2020

What a busy week! I’ve been working towards my little witchy quals and self improvement, as well as writing for my new blogging collective (go check them out here.

I’m going to keep these reflections on my own platform, however, as these are deeply personal to me and also I do them so regularly that I’m not sure if they’d fit with the aims of that site. However, you can follow me on there (I am Frankie) for extra content that I won’t be posting here.

Due to the money I’ve been saving, I also caved and bought this tarot deck – and I’m probably going to get a couple of others too…..

Im Rich Bitch GIFs | Tenor
(Disclaimer: I am not.)

I love that deck because it’s the exact opposite of my Hermetic one (my other favourite).

For example, this is the Emperor card from the Dark Exact:

dark-exact - The Emperor

…and this is the Emperor card from the Hermetic deck:

See the source image

Whoo boy, there’s a lot to get through in the Hermetic, but somehow we know exactly what the Dark Exact card means, despite it’s lack of detail.

Anyway, back to the reflection:

This week’s card is the Hanged Man from the Rider Waite Tarot.

It looks like this:

See the source image

Now, to me, this has always had one meaning, and that meaning is:

Do not ignore your intuition. You know what you want, you know what your intuition is telling you, so what is stopping you?

Personally, this week has been about struggling with important life decisions. We are thinking about getting a pet, and whilst I know that’s what I want deep down, the little anxious voice of doubt is making my decision hell, when actually it should be really easy. Basically my brain looks like this:

Here's the Episode Where That Mr. Krabs Meme Is From | Complex

But I know it’s what I want, and it’s what feels right, and we have so much love to give.

The same goes for personal development: I am at a weird point in my life where I have a good job, but I feel like I could be doing something more spiritually fulfilling, and my intuition is telling me to go for it.

What is the lesson for this week?

If your heart is telling you to do something, and you ignore it, then it’s going to come back to bite you. The Hanged Man is upside down even though he is enlightened. Whether you choose to read this as you putting him there and he is your soul, or he is you and you’ve only just realised now that your intuition was actually right all along (d’oh). He is hanging in limbo, unsure of where to go from here because he has sacrificed his intuition for logic.

Listen to yourself. Only you can decide what to do. Don’t wait until you’ve missed opportunities, or wait for ‘the right time’ to do something you’ve been meaning to do. The right time is today, and today begins whatever time you want.

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